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Green Valley Pest Control began its venture in this area, when we saw the need for environmentally friendly products at affordable rates. Our Technicians specialize in general pest and wood destroying insect control and will take the time to point out areas that harbor such insects. It is our goal to establish a good customer rapport and to meet your needs during each service. We also provide Wood Destroying Insect (WDI) reports for real estate transactions and offer free general pest inspections with any initial service. Green Valley Pest Control utilizes cutting edge technology paired with friendly and expeditious service to provide our customers with a privileged care they deserve.

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Environmentally Friendly Products 

Green Valley Pest Control uses environmentally friendly products such as pyrethrins and Indoxacarbs. Pyrethrum is a completely organic, environment-safe insecticide derived from 100% African Chrysanthemum flowers. Pyrethrum powder is toxic to ants, roaches, silverfish, bedbugs, fleas, wasps, spiders, crickets, mosquitoes, and just about every other category of unwanted house or garden pest. Because it decomposes rapidly in the environment, pyrethrum has been approved for a wide range of indoor and outdoor uses, including homes, restaurants, broad-scale spraying operations, and organic farms.The pyrethrins are a pair of natural organic compounds that have potent insecticidal activity. The pyrethrins are contained in the seed cases of the perennial plant pyrethrum (Chrysanthemum Cinerariaefolium), which is grown commercially to supply the insecticide. Pyrethrum is non-toxic to most mammals, making it among the safest insecticides in use. In fact, it has more approved EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) uses than any other insecticide. Pyrethrum is the most widely used natural insecticide in the U.S.


In addition to being environmentally friendly, pyrethrum also has the following unique properties:

1) Quick Action – Pyrethrum poisons insects upon contact, attacking the central nervous system and resulting in faster knockdown and kill.
2) Low Toxicity – Pyrethrum is one of the least toxic insecticides, boasting a long history of proven safety towards humans and animals.
3) Repellent – When not present in fatal amounts, pyrethrum acts as a repellent to protect food establishments and crops from insect pests.
4) Flushing Agents – Pyrethrum agitates insects in there hiding places, flushing them out and forcing them to be exposed to the insecticides.
5) Multi-purpose – Pyrethrum consists of a group of compounds rather than a single compound, resulting in a wider scope of activity against pests than other insecticides. It can be used against almost any pest in the house or garden.
6) No insect Immunity – Insect resistance is not a problem because of the complexity of the molecule that pyrethrum is composed of.

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